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Able CBD review

Able CBD offers quality products void of harmful contaminants such as microbials, pesticides, heavy metals, and solvents. The company is concerned with the general health and wellbeing of its consumers and offers long-term solutions using its organic products. To ensure high quality, the company focuses on the raw material used. Since hemp plant is the primary raw material, Able CBD ensures organic farming practices are upheld to avoid contamination. In addition, the company blends its products with other naturally occurring elements for rapid effectiveness and quality. Currently, the company offers capsules, tinctures, tongue strips, and topicals manufactured from CO2 hemp plant extracts and other useful ingredients such as MCT oil. Its products are offered at average prices with a potency range of 25 mg to 2750 mg. Before any batch is released to the market, they are tested for potency and purity levels to ensure safe consumption. Our review will unveil significant information about the company, its manufacturing process, and the range of products.

About the Company

Established in 2020, Able CBD faces stiff competition from brands that have been in the market for over a decade. Although its main offices are located in Wyoming, the company relies on organic hemp from Kentucky, the third-best hemp producer after Oregon and Colorado. Information about the co-founders and other team members has not been offered. Still, the company claims that it was established by experts in agronomy, manufacturing, seed science, farming, healthcare, and business industries. Able CBD has specialists in various fields to oversee its manufacturing steps from the seed level until the products are delivered to consumers. This enables the company to develop exclusive quality products that compete favorably with well-established brands. To help it develop unique quality products, it uses a vertically integrated system, where each step contributes to the next.

The company has a well-developed website. The website is well-organized and has relevant information regarding its farming and manufacturing practices. Also, its product catalog is well-defined, making it easier to reach all its products with ease. Since the company desires to ensure the customers get the correct product to address their health and wellness concerns, it offers products description on each product. This makes it easier for buyers to make the correct choices. Other significant information on each product includes the raw material used, administration mode, the correct dose, extraction method, purpose, and prices.

Adding products to the shopping cart is easy and quick. Simply click on the “Shop” link provided or add various products to your shopping cart from the product catalog. Notably, removing products from the shopping cart is also straightforward and quick. We didn’t experience any suspicious activities. After cross-checking our shopping cart and ensuring only the needed products were on it, we proceeded to the last step of approving payments. The company allows payment from the bank or credit cart. Its payment systems are. After making payments, we received an email with a tracking number, the list of products we had ordered, and the expected days of delivery (at most five days). On the third day, we received our products discreetly packed.

The company recommends that its customers check the products upon arrival to ensure they are not damaged during shipping. If the products are damaged, file a replacement claim within 48 hours via customer support. Besides, Able CBD has a full refund policy for customers who find its products ineffective within 30 days. Retain the opened products, and pack the rest in their original packaging.

Able CBD has supportive and accommodating customer service attendants who are well-versed with CBD and the company matters. To reach its support team, simply click on the “Contact Us” page. You can reach the company’s support team members via their phone number, email address, message box, chatbox, or physical address.

Manufacturing Process

The company has been certified by the United States Federal government as legal growers of the hemp plant and manufacturers of hemp-based products. The company relies on hemp from Kentucky, where sustainable organic farming practices are upheld. Besides, Able CBD uses its team of researchers to ensure that other significant elements such as MCT oil are used to maximize effectiveness and quality. The research team must ensure all ingredients are effective, beneficial, and safe for use. What’s more, the company’s manufacturing facility and methods have been assessed by FDA and approved as safe.

To obtain only significant elements of the hemp plant, the company uses the CO2 extraction method. This method is preferred since it only extracts useful cannabinoids and terpenes from the hemp plant. Also, compared to other extraction methods, it is eco-friendly. The company has minimized the chemicals used during processing to reduce contamination risks.

Each batch of products is tested for purity and potency levels to ensure they have the correct amount of CBD for safety. Since sleep tablets were among the products we ordered, we used them to affirm their accuracy. Although we noted some variance (9.6 more than the stated amount), it was below the allowed 10% limit. The potency and contaminant results are posted online for pre-purchase verification. Notably, all its products have a THC level below 0.3%, which is the optimum legal level.

Range of Products

Able CBD Tinctures

The company offers quality tinctures produced using CO2 hemp plant extracts alongside MCT oil for easy absorption. The tinctures are manufactured in different potency ranges including; 500 mg ($39.95), 1000 mg ($69.95) and 2000 mg ($99.95). According to the company, besides administering them orally or sublingually, they can be added to beverages or foods. Each serving comes with accurately marked droppers for customers to administer the correct dosage of 1ml per day.

Able CBD Capsules

CBD capsules have become famous due to their convenience. Administering capsules is done with ease at one go, with water of your favorite beverage. The company recommends they should be administered orally only, one capsule a day. These capsules are manufactured using CO2 organic hemp plant extracts, each having 25 mg of CBD. They are designed to enhance sleep and relieve the body from any pain.

Able CBD Topicals

The company gives similar attention to topical products as the one offered to oral products to ensure they are safe for application and yield the intended effectiveness of muscle relaxation and cooling the body. Various ingredients such as MCT oil, vitamin, and other significant oils are blended in CO2 hemp plant extracts for smooth application and absorption by the skin. Unlike other products, they are for topical use only. Currently, the company only offers Cooling Cream in 500 mg of CBD extracts at $59.95.

Able CBD Tri-Tongue Strips

Unlike other products, the tri-tongue strips are manufactured uniquely to meet the highest standards of discretion. They are manufactured using CO2 hemp plant extracts recommended for only sublingual or oral use. The strips dissolve quickly, yielding raid effectiveness.

What We Like About the Company

Able CBD offers excellent variance accuracy for its CBD products, making them safe for consumers. Also, compared to other companies offering similar quality, their prices are lower than average. Although BBB and USDA have not approved the company, their products are organic and non-GMO. Lastly, navigating its website is easy since it is well-designed and simple to understand.

What We Don’t Like About the Company

Although the company offers quality products, a few concerns ought to be addressed to make it better. First, it should consider extending its line of products to cater to all customers’ needs. Also, the company should offer free shipping to attract more customers. Lastly, they should introduce a FAQ page to respond to common concerns and reduce traffic on its support team.

Overall Verdict

We highly recommend Able CBD’s products since they have been manufactured by a team of experts using a vertically integrated system for enhanced quality. In addition, before any batch is released to the market, the company tests the potency and purity levels for safety precaution. Although it is among the recently established brands, its premium products keep gaining fame over some established companies. However, the company must address the few shortcomings stated in this review to ensure it remains valid within the market.

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